Servers Built For Seed Bank & Dispensary Traffic

Our servers were designed after years of experience in hosting websites in the cannabis and hemp industries. When it comes to cannabis and hemp servers, there is no “one size fits all”. Chronic Stacks offers a few different stacks to choose from so that no matter where your business is at, you will always have room to grow. Stop settling for less. You can afford the best services for your online e-commerce cannabis and hemp business. Pay for everything in one bill. Stop chasing around invoices and trying to keep up with the many different services you need and deal with only us.

Fast & Reliable

The majority of cannabis and hemp websites today share a lot in common. Some good and some bad. When it comes to your server (which is what your website runs on), you want to choose something that will allow you to grow. This means not starting with a GoDaddy shared server for $2 a month. You want to treat your online business more like a brick and mortar business when it comes to cost. You don’t have to go crazy, but you don’t want to cheap out either. GoDaddy is great for static websites (without products), but not for anything else. Even their VPS servers are cheap (cost and quality). GoDaddy has its place, but not in the cannabis and hemp industries.

The bad news is, that more than 75% of your cannabis and hemp businesses are already on a shared GoDaddy hosting plan. The good news is, that we can still help you get out of there.

High Availability (HA) Failsafe Cloud Servers

We start out fresh with Debian-based servers and then build from the ground up. Each website is hosted on its very own server. This means you don’t have to share your resources and IP address with 10-20 other websites. On average, all of the websites we host through Chronic Stacks load in under a second. Your resources will never be shared so you can feel confident when you’re about to have a sale and are expecting high traffic.

We can even go horizontal for you and scale your website across multiple servers that activate whenever you need them.

Horizontal Dispensary & Seed Bank Server Scaling