Seed Bank & Dispensary Woes

One of the biggest recurring headaches you will have as an online dispensary or seed bank owner is payment processing. Taking cash in person is no big deal compared to collecting credit and debit card payments online. We have helped many dispensary and seed bank owners get online payment processing for their e-commerce businesses. Whether it’s through a credit/debit card gateway or ACH, we will get you going with something to accept payments.

We Specialize In Seed Bank & Dispensary Payment Processing

We are not saying that we have a permanent solution for you, because nobody really has one. Laws around cannabis and hemp are constantly changing and there hasn’t been a single solution available that has kept up with the industry.

A Payment Processing Solution For Everyone

We have used and implemented over 50 different payment processing solutions in the past two years. We have tried them all so you don’t have to. We always have the best and most up to date payment processing options available for you so you don’t have to worry about losing the ability to receive online payments. 

Seed bank and dispensary payment processing solutions are offered as an add-on option to our stacks.

For a one-time price, we will:

  • Find you a way to accept payments online*
  • Integrate the payment processing solution into your website
  • Keep it updated





*We cannot guarantee that you will be eligible for credit/debit card processing. If you are not eligible for accepting credit/debit cards and you’re only eligible for ACH, the one-time fee is 50% less.